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Must Have’s and Want’s verses Budget
Make sure you have a solid idea of what your needs really are. Versus, what you really
desire and what desire’s you could sacrifice to stay within your budget. Depending on your
budget and target location, some of your desire’s may go completely out the window. Bring
a friend or family member along with you to help keep you grounded.

Inspections and Home Warranty Packages
Having various inspections done can help to eliminate future surprises and create peace
of mind. I do recommend having a home inspection, however they can be costly and do not
always see everything. Such as, the life span of mechanical items or hidden wiring/plumbing
issues. Home Warranty packages are usually a one time purchase and cover a limited time
span. They can protect you in the event that a mechanical device fails or a pipe burst, etc.
You just want to make sure that you read the fine print. Is parts and labor covered? Is there
a co-pay? Ask for a pamphlet and understand the contract before signing it.

Buying a home can be very stressful if you tackle this on your own. By choosing the
right Realtor, you should feel like your best friend is there to help you.
Given the opportunity to serve you, I will guide you through the entire process and
keep you informed along the way of your next steps.

Location, Location, Location
After you have narrowed your target area, make sure to factor
in county taxes and utility expenses for your long term budget. If
you are looking in secluded area’s, check out local Internet providers.  Keep
in mind that many area’s around the lake and farther out in the country have
poor Internet connections.  

Getting “Pre-Qualified”
Before looking at specific properties, you should have a connection
with a loan coordinator. They will be able to pre-approve you and advise
you on how much house you can afford, down payment you
will need and approximately how much your monthly payments will
be. Not only should you be looking for a reputable Finance
Company, but the loan officer as well. The experience of this
person could make or break a deal and balance the amount of
stress throughout the process.

Choosing a Realtor to Represent You

With today’s ease of Internet home browsing, it is easier than
ever to find your dream home. But what about finding the perfect Realtor?
Who will represent you and have your best interest in
mind? You will be putting a lot of trust into this person as they
are responsible for writing the details of your purchase contract
and setting the stage for negotiations.
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