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Outside Appearance
Before you list your home and have pictures taken, you should prepare
to have your yard mowed, groomed and the bushes
trimmed. Any parked vehicles or trailers should be moved to
the back of the property or even parked off site if possible.
Remove excessive yard decorations. Depending on the
season, have freshly potted flowers around the front
door or entry/walkway.

Outside Repairs
Apply a fresh coat of paint around your front entry area and
door. Caulk around doors, windows, and trim. Make sure your
porch lights are working. If they are older and faded, you can
quickly apply some spray paint to them. If needed, have your
siding cleaned with a high pressure sprayer. The sprayer can be
rented at a reasonable price.

Preparing your home

Adding curb appeal, organizing, cleaning and updating
your property will help maximize your profits and sell
it faster.
Visualize your home as if you were the buyer.
What items would you want to have repaired or improved?
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